Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

What is YEA?

To ensure a bright future for ASHRAE and the industry, the Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee was developed to create programs and develop a path for our young professional members. Any current ASHRAE Affiliate, Associate or Member who is 35 years of age or younger is considered a YEA member, and automatically has a wide variety of programs, events, and opportunities at their fingertips!

What can YEA do for me?

  • Professional growth and experience – In addition to your technical expertise, we want to be sure you have the tools you need to succeed. The YEA Leadership Weekend and YEA Leadership International events focus on professional development and allow you to interact with YEA members from around the world. If you want to find out how an association like ASHRAE operates, the Leadership U program gives you the chance to shadow an ASHRAE Vice President at one of our conferences.
  • Technical contribution – Getting involved with ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs) provides you the opportunity to help guide the future of our industry. Find a TC that focuses on your area of interest, get involved, and help to make a difference! You can find a list of all TCs and a sign-up form at
  • Education and recognition – To make sure you’ve got the latest and greatest education, YEA offers a scholarship to every ASHRAE HVAC Design Essentials Training, or you can attend our annual YEA Technical Weekend. And since you’ve put in the hard work, why not be recognized for it and apply to be ASHRAE’s New Face of Engineering or be nominated for the YEA Award of Individual Excellence.
  • Networking – It’s all about who you know, right?! Join us at our YEA Hospitality Suite at the ASHRAE Annual and Winter Conferences to meet fellow YEA members, as well as many ASHRAE leaders who stop by. And to keep you up to speed on all things YEA, we publish a quarterly YEA Connections e-newsletter that goes straight to your inbox.

What opportunities are available?


  • YEA Technical Weekend – A new YEA Technical Weekend will be held in Atlanta in March 2017. Energy Management is the focus of this offering. Learn more
  • YEA Leadership Weekend Spring 2017 – The Spring 2017 YEA Leadership Weekend will be held in Denver, CO from March 3-5, 2017. Registration is capped at 30 participants and the deadline to register is Friday, January 20, 2017. Learn more and register
  • YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0 – Have you attended YEA Leadership Weekend, but still want to further your soft skills and professional development? Register for the inaugural YLW 2.0 event, which is scheduled for May 5-7, 2017 outside of San Francisco, CA.
    Learn more and register
  • YEA Leadership International (YLI) – The 2017 YLI event will be out soon. Learn more about the event

Awards and Recognition

Training and Education

  • Mentorship Program – The objective of the YEA Mentoring Program is to create a professional partnership between a YEA member and professional member of a local chapter. As the future leaders of ASHRAE, this program offers YEA members the opportunity to gain a more in-depth understanding of their profession, the HVAC&R industry, and ASHRAE in general This is a beneficial way for YEA members to grow in their career and develop professional expertise. Learn more
  • Leadership U – Have you ever wanted to walk in the shoes of an ASHRAE officer at the Annual or Winter Conference? Leadership U gives you that opportunity! Learn more
  • HVAC Design Essentials Training Scholarship – Interested in attending the next HVAC Design Essentials Training? Learn more about the YEA scholarship available for this educational opportunity. Learn more
  • ASHRAE Regional LeaDRS Program – LeaDRS is an ASHRAE regional program that encourages the development of future regional and Society leaders. Learn more about the program here. Learn more

Connect and Stay Current

  • YEA Connection – The YEA Connection newsletter is a member benefit received by all YEA members. If you are not receiving the newsletter please make sure is added to your safe list. Subscribe here
  • Get Involved in an ASHRAE Technical Committees – YEA Members – Want to Know More About ASHRAE Technical Committees? Download  The Young Member’s Guide to Getting Involved in Technical Committees.
  • ASHRAExCHANGE – Stay updated with upcoming events and awards through the Young Engineers Forum on ASHRAExCHANGE
  • The ASHRAE 62.1 iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad application – Calculating ventilation rates just became a little easier with a new iPhone application designed specifically for ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air QualityLearn more
  • Connect on or LinkedIn at YEA Young Engineers Group

Need to Change Your Membership?

Are you a student member, or know of one who is about to graduate? Learn more about transferring your Student membership to Associate grade with a special discount through the SmartStart Program. Learn more

Contact us for more information about Oregon ASHRAE’s YEA program.