Students & ASHRAE

ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 50,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society. Among them are students, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, and employees of manufacturing companies, educational institutions, research organizations, government or any organization concerned with environmental control. Members range from students to longtime engineers and professionals in other related disciplines such as architecture and medical research.

What can ASHRAE do for me?

Over 5,000 students are taking advantage of belonging to ASHRAE. By joining ASHRAE, you gain access to:

How do I become a student member?

Student Members are sponsored by full-grade Members or Associate Members. The student must be studying or have an interest in an HVAC&R industry-related field. A student eligible for ASHRAE student membership is a person matriculated in an approved course of study in a university, college, junior college, or technical institute, who is being educated in the arts and sciences covered by the Society’s objectives. Student status terminates one year after leaving school or graduating. A student may advance from student to Associate member status during the first year following graduation through the SmartStart program. This allows a Student Member to join without paying the full membership dues fee at the time of application. For more information please visit the SmartStart page or contact the Assistant Manager of Student Activities.

What student groups are available?

ASHRAE encourages formation of student branches at colleges and universities to bring together students who share a common interest in the built environment. The Society has more than 300 branches around the globe.

By having a branch at your school, you are encouraging engineering students interested in the built environment, especially HVAC&R, in the initial step in their program of professional development by becoming student members. Programs and activities hosted by the branch help stimulate interest in the profession, and branches also create a professional awareness which will inspire the students throughout their career to maintain a continuous and active membership in ASHRAE. For more information about starting a student branch at your school, visit

Oregon Student Chapters:

What opportunities are available for students?

Educational Resources

  • Research – ASHRAE has been sponsoring research to advance the arts and sciences of HVAC&R for the benefit of the public since 1919. It is a unique program that depends on voluntary funding and the many volunteers who plan and monitor the research. ASHRAE research has grown steadily over the years to the current commitment of more than $10 million for over 100 projects. ASHRAE maintains a listserv of research project potential contractors who have expressed interest and expertise in various fields of research interest to ASHRAE. To join that listserv and learn when potential projects are open for bid, visit
  • ASHRAE Publications – The expertise of its worldwide membership and the results of Society-funded research give ASHRAE publications a depth and breadth unmatched by commercial publishers.
  • Washington Internship for Students of Engineering (WISE) – Founded in 1980 through the collaborative efforts of several professional engineering societies, WISE has become one of the premier Washington internship programs.  Its goal is to groom future leaders of the engineering profession who are aware of and can contribute to the important intersections of technology and public policy. From 12 to 15 outstanding engineering students entering their final year of undergraduate study are selected each year in a nation-wide competition to spend ten weeks in the summer in Washington, D.C. Learn more >
  • Accredited Engineering Programs – Accreditation is something very important to consider when selecting your engineering program.To view a list of accredited engineering programs, visit our resource page.

Awards and Recognition

  • Student Design Competition – The ASHRAE Student Design Competition recognizes outstanding student design projects, encourages undergraduate students to become involved in the profession, promotes teamwork and allows students to apply their knowledge of practical design. Learn more >
  • Race to Zero Student Design Competition – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Race to Zero Student Design Competition (Race to Zero) inspires collegiate students to become the next generation of building science professionals through a design challenge for zero energy ready homes. Students become part of a new leadership movement to achieve truly sustainable homes. For more information about the 2017 competition, please visit Race to Zero website.
  • Solar Decathlon Competition – The Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition for students to design, build, and operate a solar-powered house in 2 years’ time. Contestants offer the public a great deal of insight about cost and energy efficient ways to improve everyday functions in their home. Not only does the winner’s building have to be affordable and attractive, but it must also operate with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency. Are you up for the challenge? For more information about the competition, please visit
  • The Student Activities Achievement Award – This award is given to a Chapter Student Activities Chair for service related to the goals and growth of student activities at all levels. Learn more >

Training and Education

  • Monthly ASHRAE Journal – The official monthly publication of the Society explores issues such as indoor air quality, energy management, solar developments, and more.
  • ASHRAE InsightsASHRAE’s monthly newspaper, ASHRAE Insights, is devoted exclusively to news and information about the Society at every level including news of special interest to students. Students are encouraged to submit articles and pictures of current student branch activities, award presentations, etc.
  • The HVAC&R Industry eNewsletterThe HVAC&R Industry eNewsletter is produced in HTML format and issued on a weekly basis. Best of all, it’s free to both ASHRAE members and non-members. Visit the HVAC&R Industry eNewsletter page to find out more about this benefit.
  • Student Newsletter – The Student newsletter is a member benefit received by all Student members. If you are not receiving the newsletter please make sure is added to your safe list. Sign up >
  • Student Store – The ASHRAE Student Store is your one-stop shop for ASHRAE books, standards, reports, charts, and more. Student members are eligible for special prices. Log in to browse discounted publications. Learn more >
  • Mentorship Program – The objective of this local mentoring program is to create a professional partnership between a Young Engineer/recent college engineering graduate/engineering student and a professional member of the local chapter. This program will provide assistance and resources for the transition from college to the work industry, interview preparation, career path guidance, general HVAC fundamental courses, professional development, and ASHRAE Leadership Development. Furthermore, it will give our local young members the opportunity to learn more about the local chapter’s technical committees and possibly have future involvement within their respective local chapters. Learn more here > or complete the student matching survey.

Scholarships & Grants:

  • ASHRAE Society Scholarship Program – ASHRAE offers many different scholarships for students. Scholarships are awarded based on specific criteria and made available for the academic year following the application deadline beginning with the fall semester.There are 33 Society scholarships available for 2017-2018 including Society scholarships, Chapter Local Scholarship Programs, Undergraduate Program Equipment Grants, Graduate Student Grant-in-Aid Program, DHS Scholars and Fellows Program, and more. Full descriptions of the scholarships and how to apply >
  • Senior Undergraduate Grant Program – The ASHRAE Senior Undergraduate Project Grant Program provides grants to engineering, technical and architectural schools worldwide with the goal of increasing student knowledge, learning and awareness of the HVAC&R industry through the design and construction of senior projects.Learn more >
  • New Faces of Engineering – Each year New Faces of Engineering celebrates an exceptional group of engineers and engineering students who display a strong commitment to affecting positive change through substantive, real-world applications of their skills and training. Get recognized for your contributions! ASHRAE’s college New Face winner will receive a $1000 scholarship! Applications are now open for New Faces of Engineering! Learn more and how to submit your application
  • ASHRAE New Investigator Award – Each year, ASHRAE invites applicants for the $125,000 “ASHRAE New Investigator Award”.  At most, one award will be awarded each year. The purpose of the award is to enhance the academic careers of recent PhD recipients by providing support for research activities, promote research related to ASHRAE goals in universities and colleges, and promote educational efforts related to the goals of ASHRAE in universities and colleges. Learn more >
  • Oregon ASHRAE Scholarship – All students enrolled for the 2018-2019 academic year are eligible to apply, awards will be distributed in February at the Annual Student Trivia Night.  The deadline for applications is December 1, 2018.  If you are interested in an Oregon ASHRAE Scholarship please feel free to fill out the application and send it to  Chapter Scholarship Application.

What’s available for educators?

  • Group Learning Packages – Well-designed course material doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These group learning packages include texts, examination questions, answer sheets and PowerPoint presentations for instructors. Visit for pricing and purchasing.
  • K-12 Resource Center – ASHRAE has a new and improved activity and resource site for K-12. Do your part in educating the future engineers. With more activities, a discussion board, videos and reference materials, this is your one stop shop for educational tools.Learn more >
  • ASHRAE Publications – The expertise of its worldwide membership and the results of Society-funded research give ASHRAE publications a depth and breadth unmatched by commercial publishers. Your students will appreciate the depth of information and low prices of these texts. Instructors of universities, technical institutes and vocational schools may request an examination copy.
  • ASHRAE Textbooks – The expertise of its worldwide membership and the results of society-funded research give ASHRAE publications a depth and breadth unmatched by commercial publishers. Your students will appreciate the depth of information and low prices of these texts. See available texts here >

Need to change your membership?

ASHRAE student members can continue receiving the many member benefits of ASHRAE after finishing college through the SmartStart program.  Are you a student member, or know of one who is about to graduate? Learn more about transferring your Student membership to Associate grade with a special discount through the SmartStart Program. Learn more >

Contact us for more information about Oregon ASHRAE’s student program.