Government Affairs

Mission Statement

To establish ASHRAE as a leading source for expertise in the built environment and a resource for policy-makers in the development of legislation and regulations affecting the public, the HVAC&R community, and the engineering profession.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for organizing ASHRAE members to educate local, state, provincial, and national government bodies and officials in areas of interest to ASHRAE members, and to promote effective cooperation between ASHRAE members and government. The committee works to coordinate government affairs efforts and is responsible for developing the extent and the manner in which ASHRAE implements and pursues actions to influence government affairs and public policy.

What this means for the Oregon Chapter is that we will work with state officials and local jurisdictions to support and advocate for the use of ASHRAE standards, such as ASHRAE 90.1 and 62.1 when appropriate. We will also work with the State of Oregon Building Codes Division in the development of new and updated codes such as the Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code, Oregon Mechanical Specialty Code, Oregon Residential Specialty Code and the Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

Learn more about ASHRAE’s Government Affairs including public policy resources, advocacy alliances, toolkits, and frequently asked questions. Contact us for more information about Oregon ASHRAE’s government advocacy.