DRC Shadow Program (YEA Members)

By April 10, 2017 April 14th, 2017 YEA

The program allows a YEA member to attend a Winter or Annual Meeting largely at the expense of the region and gain experience at a Society level by shadowing the DRC of Region XI. This program is great for first time attendees or those that would like to get a closer look at the leadership side of the conference. One member from the region will be selected from the applicants by the DRC, YRC and Membership Chairman,

The Region will subsidize the Candidate’s expenses up to $1,000 including travel, transportation, accommodations, Meeting registration, Welcome party, President’s luncheon, Member’s night out, parking and Regional Dinner. In addition, the Society will directly cover airfare.

The following is a sample schedule for the candidate for the Annual Meeting; actual schedule may vary slightly.

April 17, 2017               Chapter deadline for sending in applications.

April 19, 2017             Candidate selection and announcement

ASHRAE 2017 Annual Conference

June 23 (Friday)

4pm                 Travel to Long Beach, CA

6:00pm            Meet with DRC and attend host reception

June 24 (Saturday)   

8am-12pm       On your own

12-3:15pm       Attend committee meetings with DRC

3:30-5:00pm    Attend Plenary Session with DRC

5:30-6:30pm    Attend YEA mixer

6:30-8:30pm    Attend Welcome Party at Sea World with DRC

June 25 (Sunday)

8am-12pm       On your own

12:00-1:45pm  Attend luncheon session with DRC

2:00-5:00pm    Attend Board Meeting with DRC

6:00-9:00pm    Attend President’s Reception with DRC

June 26 (Monday)

8am-12pm       On your own

12:00-1:45pm  Attend President’s luncheon with DRC

2:00-6:00pm    Attend Technical Sessions with DRC

8:00-10:00pm  Attend Regional Dinner with DRC and Regional Executives

June 27 (Tuesday)

8am-12pm       Attend Members Council Meeting with DRC

12:00-5:00pm  On your own.

6:00-10:00pm  Attend Members Night Out with DRC

June 28 (Wednesday)

8am                 Return home

Refer to here for application: LeaDRS Application_2016-2017